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The most sedulous attention to detail brings realism to each tiny aspect of our Miniature African Animal themed chess pieces. From the grand mane of our lion, the unique spots of our leopard, the curled horns of our buffalo, the cheeky smirk of the baboon, to the mysterious stripes of our zebra, every hand-moulded chess piece will make your chess game seem as though it takes place right at the core of the enchanting African Wild. All the pieces in this unique chess set were, sculptured in-house, produced from custom made, hand-designed moulds, followed up with hours of the finest attention in hand-painted colouring, with a focus on intricate detail, to give realism to this African Animal themed chess set. The tallest chess piece in the collection is the uncontested Lion, sitting in leisurely, 56mm tall, with all the chess pieces having a base diameter of between 26-34mm. This fits perfectly on the 50mm2 chess squares on our ground stone chess board. As always, great care has been taken to neatly and securely package the 4kg chess set to prevent damage while transporting or storing.


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Small Animal – SAC27